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Why Do You Get Your Best Ideas in the Shower?

  Paul McCartney woke up from a dream and had the tune to "Yesterday" in his head. Isaac Newtown came up with his theory of gravity after an apple bonked him on the head while daydreaming under a tree. Woody Allen takes long showers to get his creative juice flowing before writing. Archimedes supposedly first yelled "Eureka!" after getting into a bath and realizing his water displacement theory. Most of our best (or worst) ideas come when we least expect them.   One of those places, where we often find the solution to a frustrating problem or have an Aha!...

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How to Stay Clean in the Wild

  You've been hiking all day and it's time to chill. You take a seat and realize you're covered in a coat of trail dust and sweat so thick your friends could mistake you for Brendan Fraser in Encino Man.   Here are some of your options: Turn your bottle of hand sanitizer into a shower, squirting it all over your naked body. Use 30 baby wipes, not getting to half of the filth you need removed. Take the precious water you have left in your canteen and dump it on your head while you prepare for dehydration. Dunk 100...

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How The Shower's Sordid History Has Been Freed From Indoor Plumbing

  If you read up on the history of showering (please don't), you'll find it kind of sucked until pretty recently. In ancient times, waterfalls were the main source of showers. Then Egyptians had the bright idea to have servants dump jugs of cold water over their heads—no more bathing in the Nile like a common peasant. The Greeks and then the Romans upped the shower game big time. The Greeks created showers with aqueducts that pumped water into communal shower rooms, basically lead pipes that sprayed water over your head. They also cut holes in walls so servants could...

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We're Ending the Work Pit-Check Once and For All

For anyone who works the 9-5 grind, humidity is the devil. On a hot, humid day, just walking to grab lunch can produce enough sweat to require an immediate wipe down in the office bathroom. For DUDES that work outside, aside from spraying yourself down with a hose at the end of the day, there's nothing but a shower at home to save yourself. The same applies to folks who bike to work, or workout during their lunch break—it's hard to feel fresh without a proper shower. This seemingly eternal issue led us to an admittedly brilliant question: What if...

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How Often Do Dudes Need To Wash Their Hair?

Washing your hair might not seem like a pressing issue, but when you type “how often” into a Google search, the third suggestion after showering and pooping is washing your hair. (We’ve covered both of those topics here and here, respectively.) So while some of you might have hair game like Don Draper, most of are still as lost as Billy Madison in his bathtub. By the end of this post you’ll understand exactly what shampoo does to your hair and how often you should wash it, no matter if you have a buzz cut or look like The Dude....

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