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How Often Do Dudes Need To Wash Their Hair?

Washing your hair might not seem like a pressing issue, but when you type “how often” into a Google search, the third suggestion after showering and pooping is washing your hair. (We’ve covered both of those topics here and here, respectively.) So while some of you might have hair game like Don Draper, most of are still as lost as Billy Madison in his bathtub. By the end of this post you’ll understand exactly what shampoo does to your hair and how often you should wash it, no matter if you have a buzz cut or look like The Dude....

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Half of All Dudes Don't Wash Their Faces, What's The Deal?

Clean, clear skin is essential because bad skin signals infection, disease, and poor health to the opposite sex. We can also confirm women aren’t interested in snuggling up with a face that feels like a slice of pizza. Younger DUDES tend to be more oily than women, because their testosterone releases a lot more oil.

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5 Ways To Prevent Swamp Ass This Summer

In solidarity, we did you a solid and laid out the five best ways to prevent swamp ass this summer. When your third pit turns into the Everglades during festival season, don’t say the DUDES didn’t warn you.

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