Are You Still Wiping With Toilet Paper?

If so, you're a chump & your a$$ hates you for it.

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For the Dudes, by the Dudes

In 2012, we started Dude Wipes out of our apartment in Chicago, IL. Whether it was some unexpected physical activity or the aftermath of our burrito diets, we were destined to smell. So we set out to change the bathroom forever by creating the Award Winning Flushable Dude Wipes. Since then the wipe game has never been the same...Dude Wipes were featured on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory on MTV, trended world wide on twitter and yielded an investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank. In 2016 we launched the Quick DUDE Shower, a new full body wipe for every awesome, stanky or highly questionable situation.