What Are Dude Wipes™?

If you're still wiping with just toilet paper you're a chump and your ass hates you for it. Any red-blooded American knows Dude Wipes™ are off the chains.


*Also sweet for your face, hands, pits and dude regions

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The Dude Products Story

In 2012 we founded Dude Products out of our apartment in Chicago. Whether it was some unexpected physical activity or the aftermath of the lunchtime burrito, we realized, as guys, we are destined to smell. Something needed to be done. So on behalf of Dudekind we created The Award Winning Dude Wipes™ to combat stank and put you back on your game wherever or whenever nature calls. 

- The Dudes

We're not just the originators of this game, we're the perfectors.

Purchases made at DudeProducts.com help support the The Colon Club, a Colon Cancer Charity.