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Our solution is some premium stuff: Naturally Soothing, Paraben-Free, Fragrance Free & Hypoallergenic. Oh, and its biodegradable.

About The Dudes

In 2012, we started Dude Wipes out of our apartment in Chicago IL, whether it was some unexpected physical activity or the aftermath of the lunchtime burrito, we were destined to smell. So we set out to change history and the bathroom forever by creating the Award Winning Dude Wipes. These flushable wipes are GUARANTEED to combat stank and put you back on your game wherever or whenever nature calls.

The Dude Wipe

Let It Rip

  • Ultra Portable: Single Flushable Wipes
  • Huge 44 Square Inch Size
  • Vitamin E & Soothing Aloe
  • Alcohol Free & Quick Drying
  • Tested by Scientist & Doctor Dudes
  • Flushable Wipes (Sewer/Septic)
  • Magical Cool Dude Powers

10% of Proceeds Donated to The Colon Club Charity.