DUDE Face Wipes

DUDE Face Wipes

Maintaining a fresh mug wherever your grimey DUDE day takes you isn't always possible. So we developed a solution. Meet your new boy—DUDE Face Wipes. DUDE Face Wipes Energize are made with pro vitamin b-5 to clean, refresh, and energize your skin to keep it looking on point. They are the secret to conquering the day, wherever it may take you. Use DUDE Face Wipes to quickly remove dirt and oil when you're on-the-go or moisturize and clean your face anytime.

  • 2 in 1 Face/Body Usage
  • Energizing Scent with Vitamin b-5
  • Get Clean Anytime/Anywhere

The Power of the DUDE Face Wipes

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Clean Skin of Dirt & Oil or Moisturize After a Shave

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3 IN 1

Use ‘em. For your Face, Body or Pits

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Refreshing Sea Salt To Clean & Soothing Aloe To Moisturize

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97% Water & Plant Based Formula

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Because Heady DUDES Don't Need Nasty Ingredients


Wherever you go, we go. We promise to stick with you through the good times and the stanky times. With our face or body wipes freshness is just a wipe away.

Size Chart
Size Inch EU CM
XS 26-28 2 66-71
S 28-30 3 71-76
M 30-32 4 76-81
L 32-34 5 81-86
XL 34-36 6 86-91
XXL 36-38 7 91-96
XXXL 38-40 9 96-101