Chi Town Night

DUDE Body Wash

We went to the lab and changed the body wash game with DUDE Body Wash Chi Town Night. Our natural, castile-based soap will strip away all your DUDE dirt and grime without removing your essential oils. Plus, our innovative squeeze bottle has 70% less plastic than the average bottle and comes equipped with a smart valve that keeps you from spilling and wasting any of this liquid gold. We were born and bred in Chicago, so we know anything can happen during a night out and we want to keep you fresh as the night lives on.

  • Innovative Squeeze Bottle (70% less plastic than avg bottle)
  • Natural Castile Based Soap
  • Invigorating Fragrance with blend of essential oils

What Does It Smell Like?
Cedar, Peppermint and Lemon

The Power of the DUDE Body Wash

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Our cutting edge design contains 70% less plastic than your average soap bottle. It’s also equipped with a self-sealing smart valve, so NO Spill. NO Mess. NO Waste. DUDE Body Wash is liquid gold, so we made sure you won’t waste a drop.

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Unlike “Big Soap,” DUDE Body Wash is made with over 93% natural ingredients, containing no parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. We’re also cruelty-free with no animal testing.

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Jack up your swagger levels to start your day or night with our crisp, invigorating scent containing sandalwood, peppermint, and lemon oils.

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Aloe & Vitamin E lubes up your leathery shell while our Castille formulation strips your skin of oil, sweat, and grime without removing your essential oils.

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Welcome to the fresh life. We make self-care products for DUDES that get the job done, from our original flushable DUDE Wipes to face & shower wipes, and deodorant body powders & body sprays to DUDE performance boxer briefs.


Back in the day, we hated always using toilet paper, the stuff stinks. We believed life should be better & that something had to be done. That's when DUDE Wipes were created out of our apartment. And the DUDE movement was born.
Flushable wipes for on-the-go and at home shituations.

Size Chart
Size Inch EU CM
XS 26-28 2 66-71
S 28-30 3 71-76
M 30-32 4 76-81
L 32-34 5 81-86
XL 34-36 6 86-91
XXL 36-38 7 91-96
XXXL 38-40 9 96-101