Menthol Chill

DUDE Powder

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Isn't it time your boys down below got their own natural deodorant and sweat protection? Dust them everyday with our Menthol Chill body powder and start living your DUDE life to the fullest. DUDE Powder Menthol Chill is a talc-free deodorizing corn starch based body powder infused with natural odor fighting ingredients like menthol, aloe, and peppermint. Feel the cool chill go to work on your boys when you apply our fresh powder, keeping you fresh throughout your day.

  • Talc Free, Corn Starch Based
  • Long Lasting Stank Protection
  • Infused with soothing menthol and organic aloe


It's time your boys got their own natural deodorant & talc-free men's body powder. Use this sweet unscented DUDE Powder daily after a shower to keep the ball pit smelling clean & fresh. It's all day freshness for your boys.

Size Chart
Size Inch EU CM
XS 26-28 2 66-71
S 28-30 3 71-76
M 30-32 4 76-81
L 32-34 5 81-86
XL 34-36 6 86-91
XXL 36-38 7 91-96
XXXL 38-40 9 96-101