DUDE Deodorant Body Spray, CHI TOWN NIGHT

DUDE Body Spray

Us DUDES were born & bred in Chicago, we know anything can happen during a night out on the town. So we jacked up the swagger levels for this scent to keep you on top of your game all day & night.

What Does It Smell Like?
A cologne urban style smell with cedarwood, peppermint, musk, lemon oils & more.


Back in the day, we hated always using toilet paper, the stuff stinks. We believed life should be better & that something had to be done. That's when DUDE Wipes were created out of our apartment. And the DUDE movement was born.
Flushable wipes for on-the-go and at home shituations.

Size Chart
Size Inch EU CM
XS 26-28 2 66-71
S 28-30 3 71-76
M 30-32 4 76-81
L 32-34 5 81-86
XL 34-36 6 86-91
XXL 36-38 7 91-96
XXXL 38-40 9 96-101