How to Stay Clean in the Wild

by EL DUDERINO October 05, 2018

You've been hiking all day and it's time to chill. After taking a seat, you realize you're covered in a coat of trail dust and sweat so thick your friends could mistake you for Brendan Fraser in Encino Man.



Here are some of your options for rectifying the situation:

  • Turn your bottle of hand sanitizer into a shower, squirting it all over your naked body.
  • Use 30 baby wipes, not getting half the filth you need removed.
  • Take the precious water you have left in your canteen and dump it on your head while you prepare for dehydration.
  • Dunk 100 cotton balls in the alcohol you brought (not the booze kind, isopropyl alcohol) and give yourself the longest rub down in recorded history.
  • Surrender to Mother Earth, you are now a dirty hippy and are already contemplating Burning Man.

It's 2018. There's no need for this nonsense anymore. You can now conquer the wild with the DUDE Shower.

Don't get it twisted. We are in no way recommending you jump on the glamping bandwagon. Humans are meant to be outdoors.

But sometimes you find yourself with no streams or rivers to jump in. Or you're meeting up with your crew after a long day of surfing.For enterprising DUDES, it's about staying fresh when nature calls. 

Minimalism is all well and good, but there's a fine balance between doing without and smelling like a homeless person.

There's no reason to feel guilty about being more advanced than your fellow travelers — there's a reason why Bigfoot is the only guy who likes living in the woods anymore. The guy is a total wild man.



When you're in the wild, you need to be prepared for times when a traditional shower is out of the question. The DUDE Shower gives you a fast and effective way stay fresh and feel like it's Day 1 of your trip.