Social Media Influencers Dave Chappelle & John Mayer Review Dude Wipes

by EL DUDERINO March 13, 2019

As purveyors of fine grooming products in the year 2019 we often send a box of our products, or what Mark Ecko calls a "swag bomb," to people we think would find them to their liking.

For example, you might have seen pro football player Poop Johnson in action with one of our swag bombs recently.

One demographic we hear from a lot are musicians, who are on the road most of the year in tour buses, and often have to go to the bathroom in said buses or at rest stops. They've told us our wipes are a big step up from what's usually available to them on the road (sandpaper-like toilet paper).

Over the years we've sent a lot of wipes to musicians and through word of mouth our wipes have spread in those circles.

Well, worlds collided when infamous BFFs Dave Chappelle and John Mayer reviewed DUDE Wipes as newly self-appointed "social media influencers" on Mayer's live Instagram feed.

As far as we know, Dave Chapelle has never done a commercial, so we consider ourselves honored to be the first. Welcome, Dave Chappelle, to DUDE Nation.