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How to Conquer A Hairy Ass

DUDES, Male body hair grooming has been beaten to death ever since magazine editors decided “metrosexual” was a thing. But of all the body parts a guy can groom, the rear-end has been largely ignored. So what’s a guy to do if it looks like he has chewbacca renting out his hind-quarters? The good thing is you have options. This isn’t a shave it or leave it situation. There are five ways you can tame your butt hair, listed here in order from AVOID AT ALL COSTS to THIS’LL WORK. And don’t waste your time cursing the gods for the...

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DUDE Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Over the course of the last week since the devastating Hurricane Harvey events took place, DUDE has been working with various partners to donate product to those in need down in the affected Houston areas. Through partners such as, Kroger, Academy Sports, Walmart, Red Cross and several direct first responder units DUDE is proud to announce over 50,000 DUDE Wipes & DUDE Shower Wipes have been sent to Texas. These DUDE Wipes and DUDE Showers will be provided to the National Guard, First Responders and many people displaced from their homes. We understand wipes products are in very high demand,...

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DUDE Face Wipes, A Brand New DUDE Product

DUDES, Lets FACE it, as DUDES we are all dirty, sweaty and disgusting humans. Since launching our company out of our apartment in 2012 we have mainly been focused on the ASS. Destroying swass and skidmarks from coast to coast. In the coming years we received a ton of feedback from DUDE nation that there needed to be larger full body wipe for when there isn't time to shower. So the DUDE Shower was born, a full body wipe solution.  But soon after we realized there wasn't any solutions for a DUDE's real money maker, his face.  Maintaining a fresh and clean mug...

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DUDE & DUDE Wipes Logos


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