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What Does Your Pee Say About Your Health?

We’ve written before how your poop can explain a lot about your health—it turns out pee offers another (hopefully clear) window into how your body is doing. There’s a reason why your doctor asks for those pee samples. We’ve come a long way from when doctors had to taste their patients’ pee to test for diabetes—yes, they actually used to do this. The color and smell of your pee, along with how often you are going are the three factors you want to keep an eye on as you’re letting your lizard drain. (If you’re the type of dude that...

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Are Meat Sweats A Thing?

Ever since Joey Tribbiani introduced us to the concept of meat sweats on a Friends Thanksgiving episode way back in 2001, we’ve taken it as gospel. Take down a pound of Texas barbecue brisket by yourself? Better grab a towel. Have a third serving of turkey at Thanksgiving? Be prepared for a sweaty pillow after your tryptophan nap. So while we all have experienced anecdotal evidence of meat sweats, the question remains, are meat sweats a real, provable phenomenon? The answer? Kind of. It didn’t exactly shock us that there are no scientific studies on the matter. But...there is a...

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