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5 Ways To Prevent Swamp Ass This Summer

Summer is approaching, so you know what that means — summer vacations, chilling on the beach, extra deodorant, and the dreaded swamp ass.

Whether you call it monkey butt, swamp crotch, or booty dew, it’s a problem that soaks us all when the temps climb in the summer months.

In solidarity, we did you a solid and laid out the five best ways to prevent a sweaty butt this summer. When your third armpit turns into the Everglades during festival season, don’t say the DUDES didn’t warn you.

Trim Down Your Butt Bush

 If you have a jungle in your pants, you’re allowing all that butt sweat and bacteria to fester in your underwear. The answer for your butt bush isn’t shaving or waxing — that’s just going to cause more problems, which you can read more about in our post about conquering a hairy ass.

Instead, regularly use a trimmer to manscape your nether regions, which gives all that sweat you produce less room to hide.

Up Your Underwear Game

If you have a swass problem, you need to invest in some new underwear. Basic cotton underwear is good because it's breathable. The downside is once they get wet, they stay wet. Linen is also good because it’s the lightest fabric, but it’s not exactly practical for everyday use.

So invest in some hi-tech underwear that has a moisture-wicking fabric, like DUDE Underwear. And don’t forget to carry a spare pair of underwear in your work or gym bag, which will bail you out from any soiled situations.

Lose The Skinny Jeans

Aside from the uncomfortable, moist feeling in your pants, the most embarrassing part of swass is the tire track of sweat that can form on your backside, leaving you wondering if everyone has noticed the festering pond in your pants.

Tight clothing makes this scenario even worse because they keep all the moisture in. The solution is to wear loose-fitting or baggy clothing on hot days to give you a better chance of airing out your butt crack. Consider wearing your dark jeans to hide those embarrassing sweat stains better. Comfortable underwear and loose-fitting pants can also cut down on the dreaded chub rub (read: no chafing).

Cut Down On The Caffeine

While caffeine can help jumpstart your morning ritual, it also stimulates your central nervous system and activates your sweat glands.

So if you’re a member of the big sweat club, drinking stimulants can lead to excessive sweating you don’t need (the same goes for meat sweats).

Typically the sweat glands you should worry about are located in your underarms (eccrine glands), which is believed to release an oily substance that produces body odor. The glands in your nether regions (eccrine glands) produce odorless sweat.

So why the stink? If your crack isn’t clean and you sit in odorless sweat for a while, bacteria and germs can form that creates that special swass odor.

Powder Your Jewels

After drying yourself off from your morning shower, the best thing you can do to start your day right is by giving your nether regions a proper dusting with DUDE Powder

Unlike most body powders for men or baby powder, ours is talc-free and infused with natural odor-fighting ingredients like menthol and aloe. That menthol chill you feel after a proper dusting? It means it’s working. Most importantly, you’ll be free to dominate your day without worrying about nasty odors from your third pit.

For even more protection, grab some DUDE Wipes for when you’re on the go to make sure you’re always fresh out in the wild.

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